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SU23-09 - “Chess for Social & Cognitive Skills – Ficheall Network”

SU23-09 - “Chess for Social & Cognitive Skills – Ficheall Network”

Chess Summer Course 2023 Blurb

Course Title: “Chess for Social & Cognitive Skills – Ficheall Network”

Dates: Monday 3rd - Friday 7th July 2023

Time: 9.30am - 2.00pm

Maximum Capacity: 25

Chess for Social & Cognitive Skills is like no other summer course as it is extremely hands-on and teacher-centred. Chess is a growing pastime in Irish primary schools with the 350 schools now joined the Ficheall network of teachers promoting chess in primary schools. It is an excellent hobby for students (and teachers) for rainy days and promotes a variety of social and cognitive skills such as respect, forward planning, problem solving, decision making, accepting defeat, understanding resilience and developing a productive disposition to problem solving; all of which are addressed in the free beginner lessons available to participants. Course is approved for 3 EPV Days.

Some testimonials from the 306 teachers who completed the course in 2022:

·         “This is the first summer course that I've thoroughly enjoyed!”

·         “I loved this course… I can now play Chess!!!”

·         “A practical, well run and fun course that provides you with the knowledge and competence to introduce chess to any class setting.”

·         “I came to the course as a total beginner! I loved how practical the course was. The week flew and we didn’t miss the time. The course was laid out excellently with short lessons, videos and mini games. I would highly recommend this course.”

·         The most enjoyable summer course I have ever done, I was sad when the week ended

·         “I was a complete nervous beginner at the start of the week, now I am confident enough to play a full game of chess and have fun in the process. Don't be afraid to try something new, I've learned a skill for life.”

·         “You are winning with chess: social skills, patience, resilience, teamwork it has it all.”

Teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to play chess by playing chess mini-games against other novice teachers. The course will teach all participants:

·         how to play chess (from zero prior knowledge) and the best methods of teaching primary school children as young as first class the rules using a fun, games-based approach

·         how to utilise chess as an additional resource in teaching social skills in the mainstream and special education classroom

·         how to organise a school chess club, school chess team and in-school chess competitions

Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask any questions of the course.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 03-07-2023 9:30 am
Course End Date / Time 07-07-2023 2:00 pm
Cut off date 30-06-2023 11:00 am
Fee €50.00
Subsequent Dates 3rd to 7th July
Number Hours 20
Location Educate Together N.S., Tullamore

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

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